Honoured in the British Parliament

Prof. Fauzia Arshi, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Daily Multimedia Limited has been one of the leading ambassadors of women empowerment and has pioneered generation of employment opportunities for the youth and resources for their training and entrepreneurial development.

In July 2018, Fauzia Arshi was honoured in the British Parliament by Virendra Sharma, a member of parliament of the United Kingdom in the presence of Nachiket Joshi, Director of Law Enforcement IHRA, for her commendable social work and her valuable efforts in the field of education,  employment generation, and significant contribution towards social reforms of the society.

n order to fight the menace of human trafficking the governments need to emphasize on serious issues such as human trafficking and violence against women, if the governments really have the will to act, such evil activities towards the female section would be eradicated from the society.

Countries should focus on creating employment opportunities for youth and the minor sections of the society in their personal capacity because poverty and unemployment are the root causes of human trafficking.

She has successfully accomplished rehabilitation of women from the economically marginalized sections by facilitating their education, training and skill development, thereby helping them to create an individual identity for their selves

Public Figures from different parts of the globe, visited the British Parliament to participate in the programme as a part of the delegation and discussed the social issues prevailing, suggesting the remedies.